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    Blind Girls Care Home
    Donated: £100.00
    We are providing food, accommodation and medical treatment to 25 blind girls who are rendered proper education and training for self-development
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    Rohingya Hafiz Orphan
    Donated: £10.00
    The population in the Rohingya Camps is now in excess of 800,000 over 30% are children, amongst them many who are unaccompanied Orphans. Human Care Initiative has launched a programme to provide Orphan friendly spaces in the camps where food, shelter, education and Hifz classes are being provided - sponsor a Rohingya Orphan / Hafiz and continue to be the likeness of the Ansar for the refugees
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    Orphanage for Bangladeshi Children
    Donated: £115.00
    Taking care of orphans who need help and safety under this campaign. At the moment, we are running 5 full-fledged orphan care centres in Bangladesh, Noakhali, a southern district of Bangladesh. These orphanages host 250 children and provide food, clothes, accommodation and education. We need your support to operate few more orphanages who are financially struggling in Bangladesh.
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    Livelihood Support
    Raised: £0.00
    Goal: £500,000.00
    We support poor and underprivileged member of our society where financial assistance to the family build a sustainable future





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