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Ramadan Appeal

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Human Care Initiative

Ramadan Appeal

Donation Total: £100.00

🔹£1 for Ifter & £1 for Suhur each person. 🔹£1 a day donation £1x30 =£30 whole  month of Ramadan 🔹Family donation of £1 for each member of the family per day. 🔹Donate your 1-day income in Ramadan. 🔹Feed 1000 families this Ramadan 🔹Give smiles to 2000 children 🔹100 Orphans Sponsor this Ramadan 🔹100 Hafiz sponsor 🔹500 Children’s education and health project 🔹 Safe water  campaign:  50  Water Hand pump 🔹Emergency medical support  25. 🔹 Housing project: 20