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Expanding Capability, Transforming Reality, Enduring Sustainability

Blind Girls Support

Empower and support by their education and substance . Currently Human Care Initiative assist 25 Blind girls in Bangladesh.

Food Support

Facilitate poor and vulnerable people to enjoy special religious festivals.

Educational Support

as a comprehensive package, children of suffering families receive educational support.

Maternity Support

Providing quality maternity health services in pregnancy, delivery and post delivery period.

Emergency appeal

Earthquake Relief For Turkey and Syria




Livelihood Support

Uplifting the victims from misery through direct monetary assistance and guiding the way towards being self-reliant.

Maternity & Health care

Selection and Service: Hardcore poor females are identified and will be brought under comprehensive maternal health service

Orphan Care

To provide necessary opportunities and facilities for an orphan child to assist him to grow up as a valuable resource for the society.



What We Do


Caring for the underprivileged humankinds deprived of the basic healthcare and education, victims of discrimination and natural disaster, struggling with economic hardship and to attain a better life for them.

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We aim to motivate and enable people to expand capabilities, transforming reality and enduring sustainability

How we aim for:

  1. Relieving economic hardships by removing constraints and guiding through the ways for sustainable income generation.
  2. Advancing education to unlock inner capacity through educational facilities, courses, and vocational trainings.
  3. Providing basic healthcare services through available medical facilities.

What We Do

  1. Emergency relief
  2. Blind Girls Support
  3. Livelihood Support
  4. Maternity & Health Care
  5. Orphan Care
  6. Hifzul Quran Student
  7. Scholarship programme
  8. Support for Street children
  9. Qurbani, Ifter & Eid Gift programme
  10. Refugee (Rohingya) Support & Rehabilitation
  11. Zakat disbrousment
Become a Volunteer

Be a key to change

Our volunteers are the key to change lives whether in fundraising, doing admin work in office or working directly in giveaway events with a huge impact on community service.

Improve your skils

Volunteering can be a good opportunity to learn new skills and gain significant work experience as well as making new friends while helping others.

Make a difference

Becoming a volunteer only needs your honest willingness to help and bring a change. We welcome people from all nationalities. Our volunteers include students, job seekers, full time and part time workers. It is always a great scope to share your knowledge and make a difference. 

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